Team & Club Rewards to Spokane Humane Society - October 15, 2014

October is a wonderful month to give to your local humane society or even better adopt a loving animal! The American Humane Association is celebration “Adopt-A-Dog” month during October.

It has been estimated that there are 3 to 4 million animals in shelters around the U.S. who are waiting for someone to give them a loving, safe and nurturing home. October is the perfect month to do just that! Maybe adopting isn’t an option; there are a variety of other ways to help your local shelter by donating, volunteering and promoting your local shelter.

We are lucky to have such an amazing relationship with Spokane and Kootenai Humane Societies because our Team & Club Reward Program! The Team & Club Reward Program allows our customers to select an organization of their choice to receive a $100. Today Pool World wants to give a HUGE THANKS to our customer, Emry C. for selecting Spokane Humane Society as the organization to receive a $100 Donation from purchasing a new Hot Spring Grandee Hot Tub!!


Our donation program was established in 2012, to find out more information please visit our Team & Club Rewards Program page! 


Team & Club Rewards to Central Valley High School - October 09, 2014

Pool World wants to give a big thanks Dan & Jeanette N. for Team & Club Rewards to the Central Valley High School! Thank you for supporting a local school with your donation!! Thank you Dan & Jeanette!! 

It’s wonderful to see Dan & Jeanette giving back to our local community and the children of today who will be leaders in the future.

Dan & Jeanette were able to donate to Central Valley High School through Pool World’s Team & Club Reward Donation Program. This donation was associated with their purchase of a Caldera Geneva Hot Tub that features 475 gallons of warm swirling water with 47 hydrotherapy jets.

The Geneva has a variety of features; here are a few of our favorite: a Frog water care system, FiberCor an advanced insulation, and the Ultramaseuse Lounge melt away your tension. 

For more information on Caldera, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page. 

Trade In Trade Up Sale - October 07, 2014

October is the perfect time to take advantage of Pool Worlds 9th Annual Trade In Trade Up Hot Tub Sale!

Create your backyard vacation and experience fall and winter like you never have before! Imagine coming home from a day out in the cold, wet, and windy weather knowing that you have warm swirling water waiting for you. Let the hydrotherapy massage relaxation into your life while keeping away the chill.

If you are ready to update your old hot tub, splash into a new Hot Spring, Caldera or Free Flow Hot Tub during Pool World’s Trade In Trade Up Hot Tub Sale!! Enjoy the latest and greatest features including hassle free water care, tranquil water features, and dazzling light shows.

Come into one of the four stores, for more information please visit our Location and Hours page ! 

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