Happiness Happens Day! - August 08, 2014

Today, August 8th is Happiness Happens Day!

Here are a few tips to make just not today better but tomorrow and every day after that!

Get to know yourself and like the person you have become! The more time you spend getting to know yourself, you will find out what you love, what inspires you and what you are made of. All of this knowledge will allow you to live a life that makes you happier.

Strengthen your relationships. Our hearts begin to fill with happiness when we create and invest in rich and satisfying relations. Take the time today to make that connection with your family and friends. Take time today to think about the most important relationships you have and think about how you could be a truer friend. Make your intention to love and care about your significant other, your children, your parents, colleagues and your clients.

Create a purpose for living; enjoy what you do for work! Too many people stay in a workplace that doesn’t feed their sense of joy and love. It is said that the biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing something that they most enjoy. Increase your happiness by making your work more purposeful.

Create your own attitude! Have you thought about how happy you will be today? It’s a decision that you have probably already made for today. Relax and search for that place in your mind where this decision already lays. Choice is a powerful thing and if you choose to be happy then you will have a wonderful day. Make the decision to be happy and make today more enjoyable!

How do you show gratitude? Creating a mental note to show more gratitude has the ability to change the way you process the world around you. Slowly and surely you will notice that you will be more grateful for the things in your life. The more grateful you are, the more present you will be in your life. Present is defined as here, now and a gift. Learning to be grateful teaches you that the greatest gifts in life are always available to you here and now!

Relax and forgive. Happiness and holding onto a grievance doesn’t work so well together. Let go and forgive because you are making a choice to be happy and to end the suffering. Forgiveness helps you to be happy.

Humor and fun are keys to happiness. Have some fun! Be spontaneous and enjoy life! Humor in life is finding something funny or a brighter side in a bad situation. It makes dealing with disappointment a little easier and more enjoyable!

Celebrate Happiness Happens Day! 


Happiness Happens Month! - August 06, 2014

Pool World is recognizing August as Happiness Happens Month!

In 1999, August was designated as Happiness Happens Month to encourage people to see the brighter side of life!

Happiness comes into our lives in a variety of ways. Sometimes happiness arrives when we accomplish something like cleaning the kitchen, watching a child or pet play, or maybe when you take a relaxing moment to revitalize your state of mind.

Aim to spread the joy of being happy to everyone in your life. Happiness is contagious, if you are happy, share your good news and brighten up everyone’s day!

Pool World has a few specials to ensure that you are happy with your swimming pool all year long! During the month of August we are providing free estimates on Winter Safety Covers and FREE ADVANCED INSTALLATION on a new winter safety cover if purchased and anchors are installed before Labor Day.

Enjoy your backyard this fall and winter season knowing that your pool is protected with a new CoverLogix cover. With a new cover, you will enjoy the benefits of your backyard looking fabulous while your swimming pool is covered, keeping your family, friends and animals out of your pool.

For more information on these specials, please check out our Internet Coupons

August Internet Specials - August 05, 2014

At the beginning of every month Pool World releases new internet specials under the promotions tab on our website! For the month of August you will be able to find amazing savings on a variety of products.

August Internet Specials are:

$75 OFF Off  the Kreepy Krauly Prowler 830. It’s an innovative robotic cleaner that scrubs, vacuums, filters and helps circulate the water in your pool!  

15% OFF Hot Tub Accessories. Now is the perfect time to come into one of our stores and check out the spa wand, cover lifters, steps or maybe a new hot tub pillow!

Free Estimate on a new Cover Logix Winter Safety Cover! Weather proof, child proof and worry free!

Free Advanced Install on a new Cover Logix Winter Safety Cover if purchased and installed before labor day! Protect your pool, family and pets with a new winter safety cover. Having a new winter safety cover will help ease your spring opening.  

If you are interested in taking advantage of these deals, please print and bring them into your nearest Pool World store! Remember these savings change monthly! For more information please check out our Monthly Promotions and Internet Specials!


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