Snow is Melting - February 13, 2017

All of this week is in the mid 40’s and the snow piles are melting.

This means Spring isn’t too far away! The question is, have you given any thought to summer and your swimming pool? February is the perfect time to call and scheduled for a pool opening! All appointments are first come first serve.

Our area may have some snow, ice or slush hanging around but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be preparing for Spring and Summer! It’s always better to open your pool a little earlier in the spring then waiting till hot days of Summer! Call in today and reserve the date you want before your preferred date is gone!! 1 800 876-4340

For more information on pool openings, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions

Snow and Ice - February 06, 2017

Over the past weekend, the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area had a few different Winter Advisories come through.

The weather systems brought tons of snow, ice and rain mixture to coat anything and everything exposed to the elements. In some areas, there was as much as 18 inches of snow.

Since we’ve had so much snow lately and the rain only makes it heavier, it may be time to go check on your hot tub. To be safe, a good snow shovel should be used to clear a safe pathway to your hot tub and around it. This path will allow you to remove all snow, ice and excess water build up.

It’s important to use a softer or foam protected item when removing snow or debris off your hot tub cover. Pool World recommends a soft bristled broom or a SnoBrum. Removing snow, built up ice and water off the cover will help to end the life of your cover. Plus it will make it easier to access your hot tub to soak.

American Heart Health - February 02, 2017

February is known as American Heart Health Month. It’s meant to increase awareness of heart disease. In the United States, Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the in men and women. One in four deaths each year has been linked to heart disease.

These frightening statistics on heart disease can be prevented by changing your lifestyle and opting for more healthy options while managing other health conditions. Here at Pool World, we have more then a few items to create your perfect backyard vacation almost every product we carry have the ability to improve your life. Hot tubs happen to be one of these items!

Hot tubs have the ability to improve your life and your heart. Did you know that soaking in a hot tub has similar as exercising? While soaking in a hot tub, the warmth of the water is slowly absorbed into your body and increases blood flow. The increased temperatures and blow flow will cause your blood vessels to dilate. An increased dilation in the blood vessels results in your blood pressure decreasing. The increased in dilation in blood vessels allow for the muscles and whole body to be more relaxed.

Come into one of our four store locations throughout Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area to find the perfect hot tub to meet your needs! If you don’t have time to visit one of our stores, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page. 

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