Swimming - April 30, 2014


It’s almost swimming time! Did you know that swimming and pool exercise has been known to reduce stress, increase flexibility and burn calories?

While exercising, if swimming or hitting the gym, you will notice an improved mood because as you exercise, the body releases chemicals to your brain. Enjoying time in water helps to relieve tension in your muscles and body while supporting movements, balancing while providing a soft environment for exercise. The soft environment allows your body to have an increased range of movement which results in increased flexibility. One of the best benefits of swimming is the amazing amount of calories that are burned in a short amount of time. At an average swimming pace, you can burn up to 300 calories in one thirty minute session.


Swimming has benefits that everyone could use, experience, and improve their daily life! For more information on swimming pools please visit our Inground Swimming Pools page.


Perfect Harmony Event! - April 29, 2014
Everything is in Perfect Harmony! This is all because of Caldera’s Perfect Harmony Event that is going on now. Caldera hot tubs are being offered with a FREE Bluetooth wireless music system through May 5th!
Climb in and sooth aching muscles, let the jets swirl away the tension and relax while enjoying your favorite music stations in your new Caldera hot tub from Pool World.
Music is magical for the mind, body and soul! Enjoying your favorite tunes or sounds helps to relax and calm away any anxiety.  It also provides peace of mind will boost your immune system and helps to spur creativity.
Just imagine the possibilities of combining the benefits of hot tubs and music together!  
For more information on Perfect Harmony Event, please visit our Monthly Promotions page!


Pool Safety Tips for Pets - April 28, 2014


Spring has arrived and summer is on it's way! Warmer weather means more people and pets will be adventuring out into the water. Here are some basic rules to keep your beloved pets safe around the family pool!

Every family pet should be taught where the steps are located in your pool. Heaven forbid, if they fall into the swimming pool, they will know how to get out safely.

A fence around the swimming pool should be installed. In many areas this is required by law.

If your animals routinely use your swimming pool, be sure to install an easy-exit pet safe ladder.

Your pets are just as precious as children are and should be supervised around the pool at all times.

Pool covers can be dangerous for pets. Most pool covers float on top of the water and are not secure to anything and are solid color which may be deceptive to pets. The cover looks like a hard surface but are not always as secure as they appear.

Familiarize your pet with water at a young age and every summer season after. Don't assume that they know how to swim.

The pool industry offers a variety of pool alarm systems. One of hte most popular ones floats on the surface of the water and will be triggered when there is a disturbance in the water.

If an animal experiences a near drowning or water injury, it's best to take your pet to the veterinarian office immediately.

For more safety tips, helpful tips and handouts please visit our How-To Worksheets page.




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