New Release!! - March 17, 2014


During Spring their is a always new products being released and this includes Hot Spring Hot Tubs. They have released some limited information on their NEW 2014 models! 

The redesign of the Hot Spring Highlife Collection has focused on each and every component to ensure every hot tubber user has the best hot tub experience! As a result, modifications have been made to include adjustments to seating, more useable space around the bartop and the jets have been enhanced to provide superior performance!



For more information on these new models, please visit one of our four store locations. To find us, please visit our Location & Hours page.



Silk Balance - March 14, 2014
Over the past few years Pool World has had its employees and customers fall in love with Silk Balance. Silk Balance is a one of a kind hot tub product that provides a superior water quality while providing a soft and silky feel with a refreshing scent.
Here are a few of the happy customers!
Silkbalance is great! No smell and your skin feels great when you leave your spa. No dry or itchy skin We will continue to use Silkbalance and recommend it to any spa owner.
Byron M.
Silkbalance makes the spa water feel great. No more dry skin feeling. It’s expensive but it works!
Eileen P.
We have been using Silkbalance since August 2013. Silkbalance makes our water quality terrific. Our water is clear and we enjoy soft silky skin. No more chlorine smell in our spa. Wouldn’t think about using anything else.
Bryan D.
For more information on this amazing hot tub product, please visit our Silk Balance Water Care page.


Helpful tips for pool owners during Spring - March 13, 2014


After months of cold and snow, we are very anxiously awaiting the warm weather! Here are a few recommendations to help prepare for Spring and your upcoming pool opening.


Check Inventory: 

Check the water care products that are leftover from the prior year; make sure they have been properly stored throughout the winter and have not been exposed to any moisture or frozen. Make a list of any you are out of or running low on.


Check the pool equipment and accessories for anything that may be broken or needs to be replaced:

Check all of your equipment thoroughly, your pool filter, cleaner, pump, accessories and any gaskets or o-rings that may have been removed during winterizing. Make sure that everything is in functioning order and no parts or piece are broken, missing or worn out.  It is always better to address any issues before opening your swimming pool.


Clean and remove any debris from your pool cover and decks: 

If you use a winter pool cover, make sure to remove any debris such as leaves and pine needles that is on top of the cover. This includes any standing water that may have collected on top of the cover. We recommend using a pool cover pump connected to a hose to pump off excess water.  Sweeping any debris that has collected around the pool decks will also be helpful. When it comes time to open the pool, you will be thankful to have a clean working space.

For more helpful information, please visit our How-To Worksheets and Helpful Video page.


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