Big Horn Show 2014 - March 12, 2014


Pool World is extremely excited about the upcoming 2014 Big Horn Show! The Big Horn Show will be next week Thursday March 20th through Sunday March 23rd!!

This show has something for everyone! There will Hunting and Fishing Guides, Outdoor Products, Rifle Range and Raffle, Seminars, Fishing are just a few of the 300 exhibitors that will be on hand. The Wild Life Council has brought in some exciting entertainment including Oregon’s “GreatCatsWorkPark,” that will traveling with Moxie the White Tiger! Come check it out the show and entertainment!


We have our Big Green Egg Grills, Louisiana Smokers and a couple Finnleo Saunas! If you would like more information on Big Green Eggs, please visit our Barbecue/Grills page.


Pool World Tax Related Deductions - March 11, 2014
April 15th is approaching quickly and we all know that means tax day is near!
We want to help you save some money and get all of the deductions you deserve. We recommend that you visit the website for money saving tips. To help get you started we have complied a list of a few common deductions that are often overlooked.
- Sales tax (especially for big ticket purchases) cars, boats, hot tubs, saunas, etc.
- Home Buyer credits if they apply.
- Energy Saving Home Improvements.
- Deductions for Medicare premiums for the self employed.
You can also review the IRS 502Publication if you are planning to deduct your hot tub, sauna, or tanning bed as medical equipment expense. If these products are used to provide relief from a physical aliment or illness that your doctor has prescribed treatment you can claim them as a deduction. 
People suffering from Fibromyalgia, back pain, arthritis, or other medical problems often get a great deal of relief from the use of a hot tub once or twice a day. Saunas are being used for detoxification and also to aid in both physical and massage therapy. Doctors are prescribing the use of tanning beds to patients suffering from Vitamin D deficiencies. Keep in mind that the use of these products must be prescribed by a licensed medical physician in order to qualify for a medical deduction on your taxes.
If you need a copy of your receipt for a hot tub, sauna, or tanning bed that you purchased from us last year, please give us a call at 509-928-6585. Of course you will want to consult your own tax preparation expert to make sure you qualify under IRS rules for any of the above deductions.

Winter Snow is Melting! - March 10, 2014


Oh how we love this rain! It means Spring is here and the Winter snow is melting! Spring time is the ideal time to prepare and plan for the approaching swimming season!

During the Spring, many pool owners realize that this is the year to update their swimming pool with a new liner! This usually happens because last year they wanted to wait out another year before replacing the liner or the liner received some damage from the Winter and will not make it through another season!

The liner installation schedule is first come, first serve. Place a deposit today and reserve your spot for your new liner installation! Our liner installation crews are already booking up! The installation of new liners will begin when temperatures start to be in the 60’s.

For more information on replacing your liner, please visit our Remodels page!


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