Cold snap is coming! - January 28, 2014
Cross the Nation, everyone has been saying that the 2013/2014 Winter has been extremely unpredictable! Everything from snow and cold snaps in Florida to warmer then normal and dry winter in the Inland Northwest!
Since this winter has already been so weird, it’s not unexpected that there is another winter weather system coming into our area. This time is a cold snap that will be occurring during the first full week of February. Everyone should be prepared for highs in the 20’s and lows in the lower single digits around 5 degrees F.
The cold snap is still a few days away which allow plenty of time to prepare your hot tub for ease of use during the cold temperatures.
Keep all of your hot tub supplies handy. Double check all of your products and make sure that you have plenty of stock on hand. There is nothing worst than going out to your hot tub for a warm soak and realizing that you are out of chlorine, enhance shock or Silk Balance. Stock up now and relax with the piece of mind that everything you need is within reach.
Check the water chemistry. It’s easy to forget about maintenance the hot tub when it’s cold out side because it’s no fun to stand out there testing the water chemistry. Instead, bring a cup or two of water from your hot tub to Pool World and our knowledgeable staff will test it for you! Plus, you will receive easy to follow instructions for any additions that need to be made. 
Clean your filters. Warmer weather always makes it easier to accomplish things during the winter. Right now is the perfect time to grab the filters and clean them before it gets cold again. Clean filters will assist with water chemistry, sparkling water assures proper filtration and even extend the life of the filter!
Check the water level. Make sure that the water level is above the skimmer line. This will allow for proper filtration, circulation and assures that all the jets and other components are in working order.
Check your hot tub cover. During the daylight look at your hot tub cover and check its condition. Is there any tears, leakage, mold, deformed or is it too heavy to lift? It may be time to look into a new hot tub cover. There are a variety of new cover options to choose.
These five items will ensure that your hot tub is ready for your enjoyment during the fast approaching cold weather. For more assistance with your hot tub please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page.  

Team & Club Rewards to Spokane Humane Society - January 27, 2014

We want to give a HUGE THANKS to our customer Charles R. for donating his Team & Club Rewards to the Spokane Humane Society! Thank you for supporting such a great local organization!!

The Spokane Humane Society is a local non-profit public charity dedicated to the welfare of companion animals. Since 1897, we have acted as a refuge for animals in peril by providing care, shelter, and placement for tens of thousands of lost, neglected, and unwanted animals in the greater Spokane area. The number of animals we serve has varied over the years based upon our mission and role as animal control or in our current role as a companion animal adoption shelter.

Charles was able to donate a Team & Club Rewards through the purchase of his new Caldera Vacanza Tarino hot tub. This hot tub seats 5 adult’s conformability with 23 relaxing jets. The Tarino has been designed with 10 dazzling lights with six vibrant colors choices. The water system for this hot tub has been simplified with the built in FROG sanitation system which provides ease of use and maintenance. All of these features make this an ideal hot tub for anyone’s back yard!

If you are interested in seeing more information on a hot tub to meet your needs please visit our Residential Hot Tub page!


Relax in a hot tub in January! - January 24, 2014



January is coming to an end which means that it is now time to catch up on some relaxation! Over the last few months there was a lot of planned chaos! November was Thanksgiving with all the family and fixings. December was filled with tinsel, ornaments and wrapping presents. Then January started off with a BANG at the New Year!

Now that all of the prepared and planned chaos is done, the Christmas tree is down and everyone is in the swing of 2014 this is the perfect time for everyone to enjoy some relaxation! It may be winter time, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be trapped indoors!

Jump outside and enjoy our cold winter weather! Your hot tub’s warm water will help your body relax while the warm air that escapes will keep your exposed body from becoming chilled. The swirling water will help to wash away your troubles and irritability. It’s the perfect setting to transform into a calm state and renew your spirit.

Now if you don’t have a hot tub in your backyard to enjoy, come into one of our four store locations or visit our Residential Hot Tubs page to find your perfect hot tub!


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