Holiday Hours - December 24, 2013


Here at Pool World we hope everyone has safe travels during the holiday season.

All four locations will resume normal business hours on Thursday December 26th at 9 am.


SilkBalance Special - December 23, 2013


On our website we always like featuring items in our Internet Promotions with special promotions. During December we have had some wonderful items but our favorite is the coupon on SilkBalance.

SilkBalance is a special product for hot tub users that helps to preserve waters freshness while using minimal water care products. It was created with an unique technology that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria while providing a silky smooth feel to the water.

This was specially designed to reduce maintenance on water care balancing and testing. Also to provide a silky feel to the water allowing hot tubers to soak and enjoy their hot tub even though they have sensitive or other skin conditions. It’s a preferred product by all.

To find out more on our specials, please visit our Internet Promotions page.


Winter Pool Installations - December 20, 2013


It’s almost Christmas and the snow is starting to fall and our construction department is hard at work installing and prepping for multiple pool installations this winter.

Over the past few weeks our area has seen some really cold temperatures and our weather has been a little unpredictable but this doesn’t stop our crews. During that last cold snap when everything was dead frozen our crews plowed through some tough rock to excavate this new pool. Actually, it was easier to get through the rock then the dirt because it was just that frozen.

This particular job is located right here in the SpokaneValley. The picture that is depicted below is a 18x40 gunite swimming pool in process. In the next few months this pool will be completed and designed with a variety of special features just for their family. This pool design includes all the bells and whistles including colored lights, a diving board, an automatic cover, a slide, multiple colored laminar deck jets, a sun bathing deck, cascade bubblers, a full automation with communication through iPhone app and pc connection and even automated water care system.

One of our favorite aspects of any gunite pool is the custom interior finish. When creating a custom pool, there are a variety of finishes to select, including different textures, colors and even tile options. The pool is created to meet the desires of our clients.

For more information on residential pools, please visit our Gunite swimming pools page.


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