Toys for Tots! - December 05, 2013

Over the past few years Pool World has participated with the Toys for Tots, the Salvation Army and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve to collect new, unwrapped toys until December 20th for Christmas. All of these toys go as Christmas Gifts to needy children in the community. This program is wonderful because it gives hope to the less fortunate children a wonderful Christmas!



Pool World’s owners had decided a few years ago to offer a variety of incentives for our customers to give back to the local community during this time. Here are a few of the incentives for 2013:

Receive 10% OFF any over the counter purchase with donation of an unwrapped toy of a value over $10.

Receive $300 OFF any hot tub purchase with donation of THREE unwrapped toys, each of a value over $10.

For more information on hot tubs or toys for tots, please visit one of our four stores. Trying to find one of our stores, please visit our Location and Hours page.


Renewed Hot Tubs! - December 04, 2013
Throughout the year we run a variety of different sales and programs centered around Hot Spring, Caldera and Free Flow hot tubs and one of these happen to the be Trade In Trade Up that recently ended. This sale allows Pool World to offer RENEWED hot tubs to our customers.
What is a renewed hot tub? A Pool World Renewed hot tub has a variety of special features that include a 90 day warranty, 100 point inspection and all repairs are completed by a certified technician.
Why does Pool World sell renewed hot tubs? Well we strongly believe in a few facts of life, everyone loves something new; not everyone can afford a fancy brand new hot tub with all the gadgets and people love a good deal! Plus, it’s good for Pool World and great for our customers! These used hot tubs also allow us to employ our service and construction departments through the cold winter months with projects that help keep them inside and out of the cold.
This year for our 22nd Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale on December 7th that will be held at our Central Store location, 5701 E Sprague Ave. while all other stores will be closed. There will be a large stock of renewed hot tubs!
Here are the hot tubs we have on hand:
1994 Hot Spring Classic, 2000 Hot Spring Sovereign hot tub with an endural shell, 2005 Hot Spring Hot Spot TX, 2006 Hot Spring Hot Spot TX, 2007 Hot Spring Vanguard, 2009 Caldera Geneva

(Here are a few hot tub photos from the Warehouse Clearance Sale in 2012)

For more information, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page!


Big Green Egg goes on Sale!!! - December 03, 2013
The ONE… The ONLY… The Big Green Egg is going on sale! Isn’t it exciting!!! Here at Pool World, we are very passionate about products that we love, own and use on a daily basis and this product happens to be one of them!
The Big Green Egg has unlimited possibilities when it comes to cooking, smoking, grilling and baking. This grill is one of the most versatile units that Pool World carries.
The Grilling option provides the perfect opportunity to sear the perfect steak, pork chops or burgers. Using the two dampers, you are able to accurately control the cooking temperature up to 750 degrees F.
Oh the Oven possibilities. Using a plate setter or pizza stone, the Egg is transformed into indirect cooking machine. It is famous for retaining heat while leaving every ounce of moisture in your food. Can you image a casseroles, pizza, pies, cobblers, beef, poultry, lamb or even vegetables having more flavor and juice? It’s fabulous.
The Egg has been designed to be a Smoker as well. The insulating ceramic of the Big Green Egg allows it to retain the more heat, longer while cooking. As mentioned earlier, the dampers allow you to control temperature precisely to where you want them, even at low temperatures. Create succulent smoking results with ham, turkey, lamb, chicken or any other of your favorite pieces of meat! What will you try to smoke first?
At our 22nd Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale, we will have SPECIAL Big Green Egg pricing on new and demo units. Specials will apply to limited stock on hand. Luckily, this stock will include small, medium, and extra large eggs!
For more information, please call on of our four store locations!
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