Finnleo Sauna Sale - December 02, 2013
Finnleo Sauna Sale going on December 7th!
We are super excited to offer a product that can drastically change and improve your daily life! Here are a few of the benefits.
Detoxification: while enjoying the heat within a sauna, your body’s core temperature will start to increase. This will result in a deeper sweat that promotes toxins that are trapped within our body by flushing them out through sweat glands. Toxins that are commonly released from the body may include, sodium, sulfur, led, nickel, mercury, zinc and there are a variety more.
Anti-Aging and Skin Purification: As you are enjoying the warmth relaxing minutes within your sauna, you will start to notice that your skin will appear tighter, firmer and healthier. The heat from enjoying a sauna will increase blood flow throughout the body, this includes the largest organism on the human body, skin.
Weight Loss: As your body’s core temperature is increased, your body has to continuously work at cooling itself off. During this process, the body will start to sweat, increase your heart rate, increase blood flow and increase your metabolic rate. These cause and affect of enjoying the heat in a sauna will result in more calories being burned. With repeated use over time and conditioning, the body may burn as many as 600 calories within a 30 minute session.
For more information on Finnleo, please visit our Saunas pages.

Happy Thanksgiving - November 28, 2013


We here at Pool World want to wish you a


Enjoy your time with your family and friends.



Black Friday Deals! - November 27, 2013

This time of year is always crazy! Thanksgiving is always accompanied by awesome food and great family and friends. Over the years, Thanksgiving has been paired with Black Friday deals and buying merchandise at a steal of a deal.

Here at Pool World, we have some amazing Black Friday deals! The greatest thing is that our deals are from November 29th through December 7th! And on December 7th, they get even better!

December 7th, the first Saturday of December is our 22nd Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale that is held every year. We would love to see you on Black Friday, but if you can’t make it in, make sure to mark your calendars for December 7th!

For more information about our Warehouse Sale, please visit our Newswaves Newsletter.

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