Newswave Newsletter - November 26, 2013


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The Spokane Humane Society Furr Ball 2013 - November 25, 2013

Pool World has partnered with the Spokane Humane Society for the last few years and it has really been a wonderful partnership.

Over the past weekend the Spokane Humane Society had their Annual Furr Ball fund raiser at the Davenport Hotel. This event was absolutely wonderful and the Pool World employee’s who attended had an amazing time and served a wonderful organization. This is an event that we would recommend for everyone to attend at least once! It's a wonderful date night, great food and awesome company!

While attending their fundraiser, there were a few things that we learned. It cost $3000 to feed all of their animals for a month and that their shelter is a non-kill shelter with placement rate of 96 percent. Another shocking fact that was shared was that in December 2012 it cost the organization $7000 to heat and maintain a comfortable living temperature within the shelter. It’s shocking but a true reality for their organization.

Remember as the temperatures drop, please bring in and provide a warm, loving and enjoyable environment for all of your pets.


New Building - November 21, 2013
Pool World is making more history by purchasing the Last Lap property across from our valley location at 13524 E Sprague Ave. As a company we are very excited with the building and the plans for the future. A part of this plan is to have a new high tech show room and space to feature our sales, service and construction department abilities and showcase what Pool World has to offer. Our administration department will also be housed in the building, in the near future.
As staff, we are very excited with the improvements and the constant progression of this project and cannot wait for it to be completed.
This specific project does a few wonderful things for Pool World and our great customers. Our staff in the service and construction departments will be employed through the cold winter months, they will be able to work inside and escape from the fringed temperatures. This will help keep our knowledgeable, experienced, qualified and skilled staff employed during this time so when spring time comes and pool repairs and openings are at a demand, we have this staff to assist you. A project like this also helps to stimulate the local economy because it keeps our community employed when in years previously this hasn’t been the case.
We are excited! Very Excited! Here are a few snapshots from the recent work that is going on at our new property.
For more information about Pool World, please visit our History page!
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