Hot Tub Delivery - November 04, 2013

We are just so excited to announce another amazing hot tub delivery! Recently there has been some changes to our delivery crews and well we must say that the change has been for the better. The evidence has proven so!

This latest hot tub delivery was out in the Coeur d’Alene area and what a view!


This particular hot tub is a 2013 Hot Spring Spa Grandee with a white pearl shell and espresso skirting around the hot tub. Some fantastic features of this specific hot tub is that the customer upgraded and selected to run the ACE Salt Water Care Package. The salt water system contains special electrodes that create a variety of powerful and effective cleaners while only using minimal amounts of salt. Ace allows you to enjoy your hot tub with ease of maintenance while relaxing in smoother, softer water on a nightly basis.

For more information on hot tubs with salt water sanitation, please visit our ACE Salt Water System.


Happy Halloween! - October 31, 2013


Today like every other Halloween is filled with goblins, ghouls, witches, super heroes and fairies. While adventuring out tonight with your family and friends, please keep a few things in mind to have a fun, safe and eventful night!

Halloween has a horrible and terrifying statistic that children and adults are twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed as on any other day of the year. Since the possibility of being injured is twice as high, be mindful to protect your children by having constant supervision, planning a route, having flashlights and cell phones.

Here are a few other recommendations on having a fun filled night!

  • Make sure costumes fit properly and will not be a tripping hazard
  • Ensure that all accessories or props with costumes are dull and cannot puncture, they should be short, soft and flexible. Any toy guns, swords or weapons should be left at home.
  • Any loose and flowing fabric is reduces to prevent being caught on fire.
  • Choose face paint and make up over a mask. This will allow children and adults to have unobstructed vision.
  • Supervision of children under 13 while trick-or-treating, older children should stay in groups and should have an established curfew. They should be expected to stick to a route.
  • Remind your children to trick-or-treat only well-lit houses with front doors that may be viewed from the street. This includes instructing the kids never to enter any home.
  • Inspect all candy before allowing children to eat it. Avoid handmade treats.

For all of you adults who will be adventuring out with your goblins and ghouls, just remember at the end of the night you will have your warm and ready hot tub to climb into after the trick-or-treating is over. Climb in, relax and warm up!

For more information on the hot tubs Pool World carries, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page.


Hot Tub Delivery - October 30, 2013

Everyone is asking what happened to the fall! The Inland Northwest was extremely fortunate to have a long drawn out summer into the beginning of October but November is just a day or two away and snow is already in the forecast! What happened to fall?!?

The weather is predicted to be in the 40’s during the days and as low as mid 20’s at night! Brrrr is all that comes to mind! But for you hot tubbers, this is your ideal of time to enjoy a moment in your hot tub. Grab a robe or a big towel and a warm beverage of choice and climb in. Nothing beats sitting in your hot tub and enjoying the crisp weather.

Here are a few of the recent hot tub deliveries we have completed.




Our customers will be enjoying whatever weather is to come!

For more information on Caldera, Hot Spring and Free Flow Spas on our Residential Hot Tubs page.


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