Success with Team & Club Rewards Program! - August 13, 2013



Pool World Team and Club Rewards Program started on May 15, 2012 and since then the program has taken off! We have been able to donate to thirty different organizations!

The Team and Club Rewards Program makes it easy for the purchaser of a hot tub, above ground pool or a sauna may select a team, club, organization, or non-profit to receive a $100 donation. This program was specifically designed to assist different organizations fund-raise throughout the year.

It’s so simple! Once the hot tub, sauna, or above ground pool has been paid in full and delivered then we will prepare a check to the organization of your choice – it really is that easy!

For more information on the organizations that have received donations from Pool World, please visit our Team and Club Rewards Program!


Hot Tub Delivery - August 12, 2013


Look at this gorgeous Caldera Vanto Hot Tub! This amazing hot tub has been placed in an ideal setting that includes luscious greenery, a trickling waterfall, a fire pit and the hand laid paver stone deck.



If you would like your backyard to look like this or if you want more information on a hot tub, please visit one of our four store locations or on our website under Residential Hot Tubs.


Perseids Meteor Shower - August 08, 2013

Do you remember a couple weeks ago when we had mentioned the annual meteor shower? Well the time has come and it’s here this weekend!



This meteor shower is the Perseids Meteor Shower and this is when the earth is passing through a trail of dust and fragments from the Comet Swift-Tuttle. The light show from the streaking particles in the sky will go through August 12th and that the meteor shower will be getting stronger each day.

During this shower, there can be as many as 50 to 100 meteors an hour. During early morning when it’s the darkest will have the best visibility. While out viewing the stars, make sure to check out Venus, Jupiter and the crescent moon because they will be aligned at their brightest!

For many hot tub owners, this is one of their favorite times of year to enjoy a long or late evening/ early morning soak in their hot tub. Do you want to experience this in your own backyard and want to experience these moments for years to come, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs.


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