Sauna Benefits - May 31, 2013


In today’s busy lifestyles, many of us don’t take a moment to relax and enjoy a sauna. Here are a couple benefits that you could experience with regular sauna sessions.

Flushes Toxins

Soaking in a sauna will help your body to sweat. This perspiration will flush toxins out of the body, such as lead, copper, zinc, nickel, and even mercury.

Cleanses Skin

The perspiration that the body will release will remove dead, unwanted skin while rinsing bacteria out of epidermal layer of the skin.


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Rainy Day Soaks in your hot tub! - May 30, 2013

With the rain that came down yesterday, nobody wanted to venture out into it! For some the rain takes away one of their favorite parts of the day, soaking in their hot tub.

Here are a few tips to make your rainy day hot tub soaking a little more enjoyable!

Prep before you venture out into the cold! Warm up your favorite robe and towels by placing them into the dryer. This will make the transition from the house to your hot tub a little easier to bear and it makes getting out that much better! Your towel will smell fresh and have that lingering warmth still in it from pulling it out of the dryer!

Grab a pair of sandals or slippers to make the walk to the hot tub! No use freezing your toes off in rain water!

Take cover! Bring an umbrella or a hat with you for your soak in your hot tub! This will keep all the rain water off of your face and out of your hair!

And our last tip is to grab your favorite warm beverage! Maybe you like hot coco or maybe coffee is more your thing? Why not, bring it along in a plastic cup and climb into your hot tub and relax!

Now you are prepped and ready to enjoy your hot tub in any weather that mother nature decides to throw at us in May!

If you are still dreaming about your perfect hot tub to soak in, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page!



How many jets do you need? - May 29, 2013


Have you been out shopping for a new hot tub lately? It seems that so many hot tub companies are focusing on the number of jets, the horsepower of the pumps and all the pretty little features. How many jets are actually needed?

Something that every hot tub shopper should consider is the location of the jets. Are the jets in an ideal location to meet your needs? Are the jets in a variety of arrangements and positioning to provide you with the best experience?

 In every hot tub experience you have, you will want to have the jets that sooth away the tension and stress that build up over your daily activities not 10 jets that feel like thorns in your side!

Another important feature when it comes to jets is the ability to adjust them to your liking. Each bather will like something different, maybe a little softer swirl of water here and maybe a little firm pulse of water there.

What matters the most is how the jets make you feel!

Come into a Pool World today to test soak a hot tub and find out what jets meets your needs! To find out where we are located, please visit our Location & Hours page!



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