Hot Spring Spas Hot Tub Sale - May 14, 2013



Mark your calendars!!! Hot Spring Portable Spas is having a sale! The Hot Tub Sale will be going on from May 23rd through June 2nd!



There will be some special price, new hot tub accessory packages and even special financing!!

Come in and find which Residential Hot Tub is best for you!



Angry Egg - May 13, 2013

Team & Club Rewards to Half the Sky - May 13, 2013


Pool World wants to give a big thanks to Casey and Eve F. for selecting

Half the Sky as the organization to

receive a $100 Donation!!

Thank you Casey & Eve!! 




Half the Sky is an organization that has been created to enrich the lives of orphaned children in China. This organization provides model programs and caregiver training that offers the children a loving and family-like environment. Their main goal is to ensure that every orphaned child has a caring adult in their life and a chance at a bright future!


Casey & Eve purchased a Hot Spring Grandee hot tub, if you are interested in seeing more information please visit Pool World’s Residential Hot Tub page!




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