5 Reasons to Own a Pool - March 11, 2013


This could be your backyard!


1. Create your own Backyard Resort - A well designed pool can turn any backyard into an outdoor oasis for relaxation and enjoyment.


2. A Healthy Choice - Research shows that swimming is one of the best exercises. Swimming is a total body workout that is fun!


3. Memories - When you build a pool you're creating a place where you, your family and friends will spend hours together making memories for a lifetime.


4. Beat the Heat - Spend time this summer relaxing in the refreshing water while enjoying our wonderful weather.


5. Keep your Kids Home - A pool is a great place to let the kids and their friends play while you relax knowing they are safe at home.


Instead of traveling for a week or two at your favorite resort and then leaving it, give us a call and enjoy resort living year after year in your own backyard.

For more information on an inground swimming pools, please visit our inground Vinyl or inground Gunite web pages.



Big Horn Show is Coming! - March 08, 2013



Big Horn Show is coming up! March 21st through March 24th.  This show is for any ages! Make sure you mark your calendars and make it out!


“Established in 1960, the Big Horn Show is one of the oldest and longest continually operated sports and recreation shows in the United States. Held annually at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center, the Big Horn Show captures the great OUTDOORS, INDOORS. You won't want to miss our "Trophy Territory" to see the best of the best in a trophy display.”



We will be showing our Finnleo Saunas and Big Green Egg Grills during this show. If you would like more information, please visit our Saunas page.




Inspection Tips for Your Swimming Pool - March 07, 2013


Prior to opening your swimming pool be sure to inspect your pool and the equipment for any broken or missing parts. Replacing any damaged or missing parts prior to opening makes the replacement process faster and more cost efficient. Check to see that the skimmer baskets and weirs are in place and operational. On any equipment that has o-rings, apply a silicone lubricant lightly on o-rings prior to inserting them.


A few things to keep in mind after you have opened your swimming pool. Double check the condition of the Main Drain cover. It should not be broken or damaged. Also make sure the drain is free of any debris such as pine needles or leaves. A clogged drain requires the pump to work harder. If you didn’t clean your filters prior to closing your swimming pool, clean your pools filter with Filter/Cleaner Degreaser before starting the season. The last thing you should check out are the deck, diving boards, and any other deck equipment or accessories for safe operation. Start the season out worry free!


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how to maintenance your swimming pool, please check out our How -To Worksheets page.


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