Improve Circulation, Skin & Body - January 21, 2013

Modern Technology and medical research can now explain what the Finns have known for 2000 years; a sauna not only makes you feel good, it's good for you!


There are many benefits to enjoying a heat bathing. When a body starts to sweat, it will start to release toxins from your body. It will burn calories. Improves cardiovascular strength by dilating blood vessels and increases your heart rate.  Muscles relax, aches fade away, and heart and circulation will both be improved. A heat soak will also benefit your skin, making it look renewed and refreshed!



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Napoleon Electric Fireplace - January 18, 2013



Add ambiance and  warmth to any room with one of the striking  Napoleon® Electric Fireplaces. The contemporary design provides you with timeless enduring style that's worthy of a place in your home. Reflect the look of traditional masonry but with all the convenience of just plugging it in, sitting back and relaxing. The electric fireplaces install in minutes and plug into a standard 110v outlet. The units include the wall mounting bracket and come standard with a remote control. Perfect for anyone wishing for the calming aesthetics of a fireplace and perfect for any room of the home!

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Feeling Sun Deprived? - January 17, 2013

Feeling Sun Deprived?


Growing world wide research continues to show that Vitamin D is essential for your overall health. The Vitamin D Council recommends moderate sun exposure and use of a tanning bed during the winter months as an optimal method to obtain your daily Vitamin D year around!

Come into one of our four store locations today and tomorrow you could be tanning in your own home with an ESB Tanning Bed or a Vitamin D Bed! For more information, please visit our ESB Tanning beds page.

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