New Finnleo Heater! - December 28, 2012



Finnleo came out with a new heater earlier this year!

The “Coanda” heater is a wood-burning unit. This could enhance your sauna experience with the aroma and crackling sounds from a fire.


To find out more information please visit our Sauna page or come into one of our four store locations!



Sauna use to relieve a cold - December 27, 2012



Looking for that secret trick to stop a sniffle, runny nose or maybe a cough? Or maybe you are looking for something to relieve fatigue or sluggish feelings? I as most of us, have tried cold medicine or antibiotics to ease the systems or to speed the cold virus along and yet it never seems to work.

A nice warm relaxing soak in a sauna may just be your secret trick to make you feel better! It may not cure your cold over night, but it will make you feel better and kill your cold faster!

Soaking in a sauna will simulate a fever similar to one that would naturally occur with a cold. The increase in body temperature like a fever will help increase blood flow and other antibodies. These two things will help decrease the symptoms while making your day a much better!

Finnleo Sauna's are wonderful! Please check out our Sauna page!


Time to relax in your hot tub! - December 26, 2012

Time to relax in the Hot Springs Hot Tub!

Santa and his raindeer have!

Christmas has came and gone!







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