Veterans Day - November 12, 2012


In remembrance of Veterans Day, Pool World would like to thank all of our past, present and future men and woman who serve our country! THANK YOU for protecting our freedom!




Cover Logix Winter Safety Cover - November 09, 2012

Look at those snow flakes falling! Fall is starting to turn into winter and the light dusting of snow is definitely a sign that it is getting colder!

With these cold and freezing temperatures, you would think that all the out door swimming pools have already been closed but this isn’t the case. This week alone Pool World has closed at least 10 swimming pools.

What type of cover looks good all winter long, holds up against weather, leaves and debris while keeping your children and pets safe? How about one that is easy to put on and take off? And one that makes spring pool openings easier?

With a CoverLogix Winter Safety Cover installed on your inground swimming pool, all of these things are possible!



Close your swimming pool before Spokane receives any more snow and you can still get a new winter safety cover installed! Call Pool World’s Service Department at 1-800-876-4340 to schedule pool closing or come into one of our four stores to find about more about CoverLogix Winter Safety Cover.

Visit our Inground Swimming Pools page on our website to see more on inground swimming pools!

10 Tips to Make Your Hot Tub Safer for the Whole Family - November 08, 2012

10 Tips to make your hot tub safer for the whole family!

Child Safety Tips:

Always keep a very close eye on children while they are using the hot tub. Even experienced children who are comfortable with water should be watched. No matter how large or deep a body of water is, it can still be dangerous.

Cover locks become a very important item when there is young children around. Cover locks will help you secure your cover closed and deter children from entering. Most cover manufactures include them on their covers, if not please contact us and we would be happy to help you.

Monitor the time that children are allowed to soak in the hot tub to prevent overheating. Even if they are not ready to get out, have them cool off for a few minutes and then get back in. If you have a hot tub like a LimeLight Pluse then have them sit for a few minutes on the cool off seat.

Review the owners manual for control settings and lock-out options available. This will prevent children from choosing a variety of different settings.

Store all water care products (chemicals) out of the reach of children. Remember when storing products to keep them away from other household products that may cause any chemical reaction. Keep in mind that some products have a vapor lid which allows fumes to escape. Always keep in a well ventilated area.

Adult Safety Tips:


Balance the water chemistry regularly. Keeping a safe and sanitary hot tub will allow you to get the most out of your soak While not having to worry about itchy skin or other conditions from unbalanced water. Pool World has a free water lab for it’s customers to take advantage of.

On most hot tubs, a step makes it easier and safer to get in and out of your tub. Hot tub steps come in a variety of color, material and designs. Just have to look and find the best one to suit your needs.

To make your cover last longer and easier to move, consider installing a cover lifter. A cover lifter like a Cover Mate 3 assists with removal and replacing the hot tub cover. There are a variety of cover lifters for every type of hot tub. Just come in to any Pool World and we will help you find the prefect lifter for your hot tub.

For some of us, an additional hand rail like a Safe-T Rail makes it easier to climb in and out of a hot tub. The hand rail installs against the side of the hot tub or underneath and provides extra support and balance while getting in and out.


If you are interested in viewing a variety of hot tubs with different covers, lifters, steps and other accessaries; please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page on our website.

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