Team & Club Rewards to Colville Food Bank - July 30, 2012

Pool World wants to give a big thanks to Fred W. for selecting Colville Food Bank, Colville, Washington as the organization to recieve a $100 Donation!!

Thank you Fred!!




Team & Club Rewards to Coeur D'Alene High School Booster Club - July 19, 2012

Pool World wants to give a big thanks to Karen K. for selecting Coeur D'Alene High School Booster Club as the organization to recieve a $100 Donation!!

Way to go Karen!



Common Weather Myths - May 22, 2012

Now that spring is here and the weather is getting warmer and sunnier here are a few myths to consider before spending time outdoors:

"You don't have to worry about a sunburn on a cloudy/overcast day."
MYTH: Clouds don't affect how much harmful UV exposure someone receives.
"Heat isn't a problem until July or August when temperatures peak."
MYTH: Heat exhaustion or heat stroke are more prevalent early in the season, because our bodies haven't had a chance to acclimate to the temperature changes.
"After a thunderstorm passes, if the rain stops and you have blue sky above, the threat of lightning is over."
MYTH: Not necessarily. If you can still hear thunder, you can still be hit. Lightning can strike up to 10 miles away from a storm.
"The more expensive sunscreens work better."
MYTH: With any SPF 30 or greater you're blocking 95% of the suns harmful rays.
"Apply your sunscreen and you're good for the entire day."
MYTH:  Many sunscreens will take 15 minutes before they are effective and may need to be reapplied several times a day. It is recommended with most to use 1 ounce of product when applying to the body.
When applying sunscreen the most commonly forgotten places on the body are:
  • Top of head/hairline part
  • Top and back of ears
  • Top of feet
  • Lips
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