Enhance Your Soak - February 03, 2012
A warm soak in your Hot Spring or Caldera spa is the perfect way to relax and enjoy after you’ve shoveled the drive for the 3rd time in a day, spent time snowmobiling or ice skating with the kids, or spent the day on the slopes enjoying our much awaited snow this winter! There’s just something about warming up while soaking in the hot tub enjoying a good cup of coffee, tea, or maybe a Hot Toddy while the beautiful crystal flakes of winter blanket the earth.
The right accessories can help make your soak even more enjoyable and safe. There are a number of great items to enhance your time spent in the tub. How about a cover lifter to make taking your spa cover off and on simple and easy? Or maybe a new step would make it easier to enter the spa. Want something to hold on to while getting in and out? A Safety Rail is the perfect solution to carefree entry. If you find it hard to find a place to lay your towel you might want to consider a towel bar that mounts to the tub. Light Sconces can add ambiance as well as provide a little added safety while heading to the tub. Maybe you need a bar or table to sit your reading material, glasses, and drink on. Don’t forget you don’t want to use glass in or around the hot tub and get some stylish acrylic glassware that will be much safer to use while soaking. And good music and a little aroma therapy are a great formula for a delightfully, warm, relaxing evening in the hot tub!
Stop in to see all the latest in great accessories for your spa and don’t forget to enjoy these snow filled evenings in the bubbling warm comfort of your hot tub! You’ll feel better for doing it!!

Sauna Health - January 17, 2012

Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart.

For years we have known that there are many health benefits to using a sauna such as reduced stress, relaxed muscles, increased blood flow for better healing, clean healthy skin, and a better nights sleep, but  recent research provides even more reasons to enjoy time in a sauna. That feel good, warm feeling you get from sitting in a sauna isn't something you imagine and it may also help your heart.

As reported in the December 2011 NewScientist Health a recent study done by Takashi Ohori at the University of Toyama in Japan, 41 people with chronic heart failure took a 15 minute sauna, five times a week, for three weeks, and it was found that they improved their heart function and also increased the amount of exercise they could do. Researchers also found the membrane lining inside of the heart showed improved function.

Another study found that sauna use can trigger neurons in the body to release serotonin which results in that great warm feel good sensation you get as your body temperature increases when enjoying a sauna.

 Enjoy a better quality of living with a FINNLEO SAUNA from POOL WORLD.

Papa Murphy's Pizza - January 11, 2012


Grill a Papa Murphy's Pizza on Any Type of Grill

If you have not tried a Papa Murphy’s pizza on your grill then you are missing out!

Follow this link to view the simple instructions for enjoying a pizza hot off your grill:


Pizza Grilling Instructions








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