Experience a SwimSpa - July 15, 2016

Summer has arrived! During our warm weather we are able to enjoy our backyards and being outdoors. If you want to take this experience to a whole new level, you should look into an Endless Swimspa!

A Swimspa has the ability to give you the best of both worlds; exercise and relaxation. There are a variety of options to choose from to ensure that you have everything you need to exercise in your new SwimSpa. One of the most popular options is an underwater treadmill combined with the Endless Pool swim current. It provides you the option to swim or walk against a current while the water reduces the impact on your joints. The second portion for a SwimSpa is the ability to use it for relaxation. It may be bigger than a traditional hot tub but it has all the same therapeutic and relaxation benefits. Each unit has sculpted seating arrangements with customizable jets to swirl away any tension or stress in your life. Every time you leave your SwimSpa you will feel like a new person!

Now is the time to purchase a SwimSpa. Pool World just placed two Endless Pool SwipSpa displays on clearance! Take advantage of the savings over $5,000! Stop into your local Pool World store for more information! 

Splash for CF - July 08, 2016

Splash for CF has been going since May 1st! Have you donated yet?

The infamous Splash for CF discount occurs when a customer donates $10 to Splash for Cystic Fibrosis. Our customers in return receive 5% off all over the counter purchases of water care products through August 31st. With over a month to take advantages of the discount, there is still time to donate and save!

Pool World has been hosting Splash for CF for the last seven years and has been able to raise over $44,600 for Cystic Fibrosis research. The money raised during May 1st through August 31st is distributed our local Cystic Fibrosis Center at Sacred Heart.

Water Games - July 07, 2016

Enjoy your backyard a little more this summer! A Doughboy swimming pool has hours of fun to be had! Here are a few classic games to play in the pool this summer.

Water Polo.

This game is usually played with four or six players with water volleyball or a ball safe for water use. Each team goes to opposite ends of the swimming pool and takes turns throwing the ball towards the pool ledge. Both teams will protect their ledge while staying on their half of the pool. This game is fun and active. Be prepared with a few extra balls on hand.

Sharks and Minnows.

This game is perfect for three or more players! Select one person to be the shark, where as everybody else is a minnow. The objective of the game is to reach the other side of the swimming pool without being tagged by the shark but the catch of this game is that the shark dictates when the minnows cross to the other side.

Shark in the Pool.

This game is like Red Rover and has been referenced as “Octopus.” Select one person to be the shark and they get to tag players while they are in the water. The players may get out of the pool for five seconds. Once the shark tags another player, that player now becomes a shark as well. The objective of the game is to be the last person to be tagged.

Marco Polo.

This pool game is a classic! Select one person to be Marco and everyone else is Polo. The person selected to Marco, will shout “Marco” with their eyes closed while all the other players are suppose to shout “Polo.” Marco is suppose to search blindly until they tag a polo.

Mermaid Races.

This is a popular game known by a variety of names. Sometimes its referenced as dolphin or submarine races. The objective of this game is to hold your breath and see who can swim the longest underwater without coming up. Of course with any game holding your breath, safety needs to be the primary goal. Always have adult supervision around children swimming.

Treasure Hunt.

The object of this game is simple. Collect items off the bottom of the swimming pool. Use pool friendly items that will sink in the pool and allow the players to collect the items from the bottom and bring them to the surface. Diving for items at the bottom of the pool can keep swimmers busy for hours.

Just think of the hours of fun that could be had by your family and friends in your backyard! Come into Pool World and find the perfect Doughboy swimming pool! 

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