New Hot Tub Deliver & Swimming Pool Install! - June 23, 2016

This summer has been filled with hot temperatures and it looks as if they are going to last through July and August! Temperatures like these will make you want a swimming pool and this is why Pool World is excited to announce that we are installing another inground concrete wall vinyl lined swimming pool. 


A 20’x45’ swimming pool is being installed in the Greenacres area. The backyard vacation that they are creating will have a variety of unique features to meet the family’s needs including custom lighting design, custom bench in the shallow end, and a variety of other accents! The best part about this vinyl lined pool is that the walls are created out of concrete which means they get the ease of ownership of a vinyl pool while having the strength of a concrete gunite swimming pool! 

Another feature that they have added to their new backyard vacation is a 2015 Hot Spring Grandee Hot Tub from the Highlife Collection. The Grandee hot tub is perfect for 7 adults to relax comfortably while enjoying the state-of-the-art jets, two-speed jet pumps and two seats featuring moto-massage dx jets. Enjoy the 43 customizable jets and the 500 gallons of warm swirling water. This hot tub is perfect for a couple or the whole family!

This family will be making memories in and around their swimming pool and new Hot Spring Grandee Hot Tub for years to come. Creating a space in their own backyard will provide a fun and relaxing place that will encourage family time and summer get together!

If you are interested in an inground swimming pool, please visit our Residential Inground Swimming Pool page!  

Time to make that pool sparkle again! - June 21, 2016

Did you know that each of our four store locations has a free water lab for our customers? Over the last few weeks the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area has seen some sizzling temperatures, cold cloudy days and even some rain storms. After all of weird weather and the kids being out of school, your swimming pool may need some assistance.  We want your pool to sparkle again!

Scoop up about two cups of water from elbow deep and bring it into your nearest Pool World location. The BioGuard Smart Lab partnered with ALEX software will provide you with an accurate reading in as little as 60 seconds. These results are then processed through the ALEX software where it will evaluate the chemistry level and provide a treatment regiment.  Every recommended prescription for a swimming pool or hot tub is personally reviewed and adjusted by our knowledgeable staff to meet your needs.

Our water lab services are always up and ready for operation when our stores open until they close. Come in this week and prepare for the 4th of July! 

Cool Tunes Sales Event - June 14, 2016
Music has a huge effect on our emotions and can be a great stress reliever. Slow, quiet classical music can calm our mind and relax our body. Your favorite music can improve your mood, increase your self esteem and can help to relieve depression. Research shows that music can help to lower blood pressure, slow down the heart and pulse rate and help to reduce pain.
A Calera hot tub is also a spot to relax and relieve stress and now you can enhance your relaxing soak by combining it with the great sound of your favorite tunes! The time is now to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to receive a bluetooth music system (a value of $1200) for FREE!
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