Sauna Sale! - December 02, 2015

Finnleo Sauna Sale going on December 5th at our 24th Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale! We are super excited to offer a product that can drastically change and improve your daily life! Here are a few of the benefits.

Detoxification: while enjoying the heat within a sauna, your body’s core temperature will start to increase. This will result in a deeper sweat that promotes toxins that are trapped within our body by flushing them out through sweat glands. Toxins that are commonly released from the body may include, sodium, sulfur, led, nickel, mercury, zinc and there are a variety more.

Anti-Aging and Skin Purification: As you are enjoying the warmth relaxing minutes within your sauna, you will start to notice that your skin will appear tighter, firmer and healthier. The heat from enjoying a sauna will increase blood flow throughout the body, this includes the largest organism on the human body, skin.

Weight Loss: As your body’s core temperature is increased, your body has to continuously work at cooling itself off. During this process, the body will start to sweat, increase your heart rate, increase blood flow and increase your metabolic rate. These cause and affect of enjoying the heat in a sauna will result in more calories being burned. With repeated use over time and conditioning, the body may burn as many as 600 calories within a 30 minute session.

For more information on Finnleo, please visit our Sauna pages. 

Spokane Fantasy Flight - November 23, 2015

Help children this holiday season by donation to Spokane Fantasy Flight program that allows the neediest children to experience what Christmas is really all about!

Take advantage of the Spokane Fantasy Flight discount and create your backyard vacation in time for the holidays. Experience winter like you never have before! Imagine coming home from a day out in the cold, wet, and windy weather knowing that you have warm swirling water waiting for you and knowing you helped the less fortunate learn what holiday cheer is all about! Let the hydrotherapy massage relaxation into your life while keeping away the chill.

Receive 10% OFF any over the counter purchase with the donation of $5 or more. This is a one time discount for donation.

This special fundraiser will be lasting through the end of the year, December 31, 2015.

Recent Power Outages - November 20, 2015

The power outages has led to a number of phone calls to all of our locations about what our customers should do with their hot tubs…

Over the years our area has experienced a number of power outages from wind storms and winter storms with snow and ice. Figuring out what to do during these times with family and friends can be hard sometimes, but is always easier than what to do with your hot tub!

If your hot tub is fully foamed brand that Pool World carries, (Hot Spring, Caldera, Free Flow, Hot Spot, Limelight, Tiger River, etc.), all of these hot tubs will be able to withstand multiple days, even weeks without power.

The most important thing is not to drain your hot tub! During a power outage, there will be no electricity to run a shop vac to blow out the lines and components. Here are a few other tips to keep your hot tub from freezing:

Do not open the cover. Keeping the cover closed will allow heat to be trapped in the hot tub and will maintain the water warmer, longer.

Double check the cover locks. Making sure that the cover is locked in place will prevent any other conditions from moving the cover. This will help to keep and maintain heat in the water.

If you expect to be without power for more then a week, it’s recommended to wrap the hot tub with tarps. Tarps around the hot tub will help reduces the drafts and weather conditions from impacting the temperature of the water.

If you have a generator, you can run a 75 watt light bulb or a small heater in the equipment area. Make sure that the heater or light isn’t touching anything and is on a low setting, this will help to prevent fire.

When power is restored, shut off the power to your hot tub and reset the heater. Make sure that the lines and equipment has been defrosted prior to turning the hot tub back on.

If you have any questions or would like our service department to come out and get your hot tub up and running, please call our toll free number of 1-800-876-4340.

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