Sparkle up your pool! - July 21, 2015

The summer this year has definitely turned up the heat in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area! There doesn’t look to be an end in sight! The summer temperatures can only be beat by being around the pool. Relax, cool off, splash and have some fun.

After having all of your family and friends at the pool during the sizzling days we’ve had in July, have you noticed that your pool just isn’t sparkling like it used to? Even after shocking?!

There are a few reasons, but the two most common are over cleaning or backwashing your filter and turning the pump off.

Sand filters work best when they are a little dirty because the additional dirt actually helps trap the smaller particles of dirt and impurities from circulating back into the pool. A sand filters require the pressure on the gauge to increase about 10 lbs after the last backwash prior to backwashing again.

DE Filters require a little more work and yes, the gauge still needs to increase 10 lbs before backwashing. While backwashing, remember to switch back and forth on the DE filter from “filter” to “backwash” settings several times during the backwashing process. Once the backwash process has been completed, remember that a DE filter needs to be recharged and requires more diatomaceous earth to be added.

Cartridge Filters are a little different and don’t require backwashing. Instead, the pump has to be shut off and then you can remove and hose it down until it is clean. During the season, sometimes the cartridge filter requires to be deep cleaned and soaked in a “filter cleaner and degreaser” overnight and rinsed thoroughly prior to replacing it into the filter canister.

The other most common issue is turning the pump off. It doesn’t matter if it’s during the day or night, Pool World recommends allowing the filtration system to run 24 hours a day. The more circulation and filtration the pool receives the healthier, clearer and more enjoyable the pool will be!

Remember; allow your filtration system to do all the hard work. Be patient and allow the filtration system to do its job! This will make your swimming pool look amazing! For more helpful tips, please visit Helpful Tips and Handouts.

Team & Club Rewards to Scraps - July 20, 2015

Pool World wants to give a big thanks to James W. for selecting Scraps as the organization to receive a Team & Club Reward Donation!! Thank you Kathy & James!!

Scraps stands for Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service and has been serving the Spokane area to build a more humane community, protect public safety and ensure that animals are treated with compassion, responsive and professional. Scraps originally started out as Spokane County Dog Control back in 1923 and since then have continued to grow and expand into animal protection.

Kathy & James was able to donate to Scraps because of their purchase of a NEW Hot Spring SX hot tub. If you are interested in seeing more information please visit Pool World’s Residential Hot Tub page!

Pool School Tonight! - July 16, 2015

Tonight at 7pm, Pool World will be hosting our annual Pool School Seminar at their Central Store location at  5701 E Sprague Ave ,  Spokane ,  WA .

It’s an ideal time to come and ask questions about your swimming pool, maintenance, filtration, circulation, water chemistry and get parts. Tonight is also Customer Appreciation which means there are extra savings!

Come tonight, get great savings and learn something new!! 


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