Spice up a Classic Hot Dog! - June 17, 2015

Enjoying a summer evening is easy when you cook or grill dinner on the barbecue or grill. The easiest way to do this is by cooking some hot dogs. Maybe you don’t want to do the same ole classic frank on a bun so we have a few recommendations to spice up this classic!

Add some kick to the classic condiments! Use the classic ketchup, mayo, mustard and stir in a few extra things to create a new flavor. One of the most popular ways to do this is by adding some fresh lemon juice and seasoning to mayonnaise. The same concept goes for the ketchup, add a little harissa paste until you come to a preferred taste. For the mustard, try adding a splash or two of maple syrup.

A second way to change up the classic hot dog is by grilling your toppings! Grill up toppings like red and yellow onions, peppers and corn. Grill the corn and cut off the cobb as the perfect sweet topping.

The third way to jazz up the classic hot dog is by adding some pickled items to the menu! Add some crunch by using pickled carrots, pickled cabbage, sweet relish or dill pickle relish and for someone looking for a little more kick, use scallion kimchi.

Create a new hot dog night that everyone will love! 



Only a few Big Green Egg Packages left! - June 15, 2015

The world’s best smoker and grill is right here in your own backyard! Grill World at Pool World has four convenient locations to find Big Green Egg, Weber, and Traeger.

This week Pool World is featuring Big Green Egg Grills. Big Green Eggs have gained massive popularity over the past 20 years. Chances are you know someone who owns one and if you do, you have heard about their famous and extremely popular dishes such as their Famous Dave’s Five Star BBQ Sticky Ribs. There’s a reason why Pool World carries the Big Green Egg!

Since 1974 Big Green Egg Inc has been supplying the highest degree of precision for cooking, grilling, baking, searing, and smoking. This precision comes from the design and control of air flow through the draft door at the bottom of the egg to flow into the cooking chamber and up out through the dual functioning cast iron top. By adjusting the draft door and the cast iron top, The Big Green Egg has the ability to cook up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

We are always excited to have special promotional packages on Big Green Egg products! Right now Pool World only has 5 packages left out of 48! Each package has a Large Egg, Egg Mate Wooden Shelves, Egg Mate Nest with Casters, Plate Setter, 20 lb bag of Premium Lump Charcoal, and Instant Fire Starter.

Come in today before the promotional packages are gone!! It’s only good while supplies last! If you need more information on Big Green Eggs, please visit our Barbecues/ Grills page. 

Hot Tub Delivery - June 11, 2015

Spokane and the Coeur d’Alene areas have been hitting record temperatures and it’s only early June! These hot temperatures haven’t stopped our delivery crew from setting up a brand new hot tub!

Yesterday this hot tub was delivered in the Country Homes area of Spokane. There is no better place to relax after a busy day than a hot tub! This family has created a spot where they can come all year long in the evenings and enjoy the warm swirling water.

The hot tub that was delivered was a Caldera Vanto that fits 7 adults comfortably in a non-lounge formation. This unit is known for its stylish design and powerful jets that provide a superior experience. Each and every Vanto has 35 hydrotherapy jets that circulate 375 gallons of warm pulsating jets and ten multi-color points of lights. 

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