Father's Day is right around the corner! - June 08, 2015


This thing is awesome! Pool World customers have fallen in love with the Polaris 95500 Sport and the 9550 Sport!

Are you looking for gift for dad that will make his fathers day? Have you considered something to make his chores a little easier? The Polaris 95500 robotic pool cleaner is just the gift!

The Polaris robotic 9550 Sport pool cleaner series was designed after a-luxurious sports car, The Bugatti. With its sleek design and expert engineering this cleaner has Vortex Vacuum Technology and an all-purpose canister to capture small and large debris while collecting up to four times more dirt and debris. This robotic pool cleaner has the ability to tackle all swimming pool terrain including steps, walls and the tile line. Another special feature includes the ability to create a customizable cleaning program.

The best feature in a robotic cleaner is that it doesn’t have to be connected to any pool equipment! It stands on its own and it’s easy to use!

It even comes with a heavy-duty caddy for easy transportation and storage. And at the end of Fathers Day, your dad, son or brother could be sitting pool side while the robotic cleaner is doing all the clean up from the weekend get together!

Please visit our store to find out more information. To find your local Pool World, please visit our Location & Hours page. 

New Additon - June 05, 2015

We are excited to show off our newest addition at the Spokane Valley location, it's Vin De Flame wine barrel fire pits and accessories. 

Tips to keep your swimming pool sparkling! - May 29, 2015

After yesterday’s horrific rain storm, it’s key to have your swimming pool fully operational, treated and circulating to maintain and keep sparkling clear water! After this week’s storms with dust, debris and gunk flying around and getting into your pool, now is the best time to ensure that your pool’s filtration system is working to its full potential.  

Here at Pool World we recommend a few helpful tips to make sure that your pool’s circulation is doing all it can do to make your life a little easier.

Check all of the pool’s skimmers and main drains. At each of these points, you want to confirm that these points are pulling water into your filter system. Every swimming pool has a unique arrangement in regards to the valves and where the filtration system pulls suction from. Once you have mastered your layout, remember to label them to ensure ease of operation next year!

Check out the return jets on the pool walls. These jets are returning clean and filtered water back into your swimming pool. The water returning into your pool is what helps the water circulate beneath the surface. To ensure that the water is circulating at its best, make sure to angle the return eyelets to 4 or 7 o’clock. This will be about a 40 degree angle down and are all pointed in the same direction. The water angle and direction will help to circulate the water away from the skimmer and keep the deep end and corners from becoming stagnant.

If your swimming pool was built with jets around the steps, point the jets to stream the water across the surface of each of the steps. The stream of water will help to push off any dirt that accumulates on the surface.

When was the last time you replaced the pressure gauge? The filter pressure gauge does not need to be replaced every year but there are a few key ways to confirm that it’s working properly. First, if you turn off your pump, the pressure gauge should sit at zero. A second part to this trick, figure out what normal pressure is for the filter. After your next backwash cycle, remember to check what the clean operating pressure is. From the clean operating pressure, wait for the pressure gauge to increase 8 to 10 psi over the clean operating pressure until you backwash again. This will ensure that your filter is working to its full potential. 

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