Spring and a Hop! - March 31, 2015

Spring has sprung the fruit trees are budding which means it’s that time of year when we see bunny ears and colorful eggs all around. Yes, it’s almost Easter! It’s coming quick! It’s this Sunday, April 5th!

Sunday’s weather is looking pretty promising at 53 degrees and a slight wind which means it’s going to be an ideal day to be outside hunting eggs and preparing a feast on the barbecue!

Here are a few little treats that are perfect for any spring day on the grill! 


1 bone-in, fully cooked smoked ham, preferably from the butt end, 8 to 10 pounds, any tough outer skin should be removed.

24 Hawaiian (sweet) dinner rolls (optional)

Glaze Ingredients:

2 tablespoons unsalted butter

½ cup fresh pineapple juice

2 tablespoons white wine vinegar

2 tablespoons packed golden brown sugar

½ teaspoon ground ginger

½ teaspoon Chinese five spice

¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Sauce Ingredients:

1-1/2 cups sour cream

¼ cup prepared horseradish

3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh chives

2 tablespoons Dijon mustard

Pineapple-Glazed Ham with

Horseradish Sour Cream


Allow the ham to stand at room temperature for 30 minutes to 1 hour before grilling.

Prepare the grill for indirect cooking over-low heat, about 325 degrees F. 

In a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, melt the butter and cook unti it begins to brown, 2 to 4 minutes. Immediately add the remaining glaze ingredients. Low the heat to a simmer and cook for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove the pan from the heat and set aside.

Score the ham in a large crisscross pattern about 1/2-inch deep on all sides except for the cut side. Place the ham, cut side down, in a large disposable foil pan. Cover the ham snugly with aluminum foil, crimping the foil around the rim of the pan. Cook the ham over indirect medium-low heat, with the lid closed, for 1-1/2 hours. Meanwhile, make the sauce. 

In a small nonreactive bowl whisk the sauce ingredients. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. (The sauce can be made up to 1 day in advance and refrigerate, covered, until serving time.)

After 1-1/2 hours of cooking, remove the foil from the ham (but save the foil for later) and quickly spoon some of the glaze over the meat. COntinue cooking, with the lid closed, until an instant-read thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the ham (not touching the bone) registers 120 degrees F, 1 to 2 hours more, spooning glaze over the ham every 20 minutes or so. If the glaze gets too dark, cover the ham loosely wit the saved aluminum foil for hte remainder of the cooking time. Carefully transfer the ham in the pan onto a sheet pan. Tent the ham loosely with foil. Let rest for 15 to 30 minutes. 

Cut the ham into thin slices. If desired, drizzle some of the glaze over the slices. Serve the ham warm with the sauce on the side. The ham is also delicious piled high on Hawaiian dinner rolls with some of the sauce spread on one or both sides of the roll. 





14x18" piece of aluminum foil

Cooking Spray

Frozen Broccoli

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon olive oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon pepper

3 tablespoons shredded parmesan cheese

Lemon Parmessan

Foil-Pack Broccoli


Heat grill to medium-high heat. Tear off 2, 12 inches length of aluminum foil to make foil packets. Place half the broccoli in the center of each piece of foil. Drizzle with lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper. 
Bring up 2 sides of the foil so edges meet. Seal edges, making it tight ½-inch fold; fold again, allowing pace on sides for heat to circulate and expand. Fold other sides to seal. 
Place foil packets on the grill over indirect heat. Cover grill; cook 15 to 25 minutes or until broccoli is heated through. Carefully open foil packs, and sprinkle broccoli with Parmesan cheese. Serve Immediately. 



2 packs of Peeps


Grilled Peeps


Set the grill for direct cooking at 200 degrees F. 

Put peeps on a skewer and hold over low as if roasting a marshmallow. They will puff and turn brown. Let them cool before eating. 

Don’t forget to come into your nearest location to stock up on Big Green Egg Charcoal, Traeger Pellets, Weber accessories and a variety of seasonings! 




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