Sweet 16 is tomorrow! - March 25, 2015

March Madness has been going for a week and Sweet 16 is tomorrow! Who’s your winning team? The team who is going to win is usually what consumes all of our minds during the games, especially when Zags are playing! The only other item that takes so much attention is the food. What foods are you preparing for game time?

One of the most favorite dishes is wings, and oh boy do I mean wings!! There are so many flavors to choose and a huge selection of different dipping sauces! All of those choices sometimes make it hard to decide. 

Here are a few of Traeger’s top chicken wing flavors!!

Spicy Honey Garlic Wings

Beantown Chicken Wings

Traeger Sweet Cajun Wings

Traeger Tingle Wings

To see other recipe ideas for Big Green Egg, Weber and Traeger, please visit our Recipe of the Week page!


Cool Stuff Event - March 24, 2015

Hot Spring Hot Tubs is having a special dealer promotion during our Cool Stuff Event March 20-30th, 2015! During the Cool Stuff Event you will receive a FREE $1299 Bluetooth Music System for your new Hot Spring Hot Tub.

Yes! That is correct! You’ll receive a FREE Bluetooth music system with every NEW 2015 Hot Spring Highlife, Highlife NXT, or Limelight Collection hot tub now through March 30th at Pool World!

Rejuvenate while soaking in your backyard with privacy while enjoying your favorite music. If you think this is too good to be true, remember that during every soak you’ll be able to relax aching muscles, ease your mind and calm your spirit.

Introducing music into your soaking experience has the ability to take you to a whole new world! Enjoy singing along to your favorite songs while in the rain, in the sun, or under the stars.


If the FREE Bluetooth Music System isn’t music to your ears, then Pool World has another option for you! During the Cool Stuff Event, the second option is the Connextion Remote Monitoring System which includes a 1-year subscription.

The Connextion Remote Monitoring System has been designed for the hot tub owner on the go! It’s the hot tub industrie’s first mobile app that allows owners to conveniently monitor their hot tub. This creates the perfect opportunity to connect at a push of a button and control all of your hot tub’s functions.

This is more then a “remote control” for your hot tub! As apart of your yearly subscription, you will receive alerts from the Connextion System when a potential issue arises. It will also notify Pool World allowing you to ensure your response to the arising issue is informative and is addressed as needed.

  • A few features that are sure to impress!
  • Set the temperature of your hot tub while being miles away from home!
  • Initiate the Clean-Up Cycle
  • Lock the hot tub controls to restrict unsolicited use
  • Control & Monitor the state-of-the-art ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System
  • Monitor the filters condition
  • Control & Monitor all active features within the hot tub at any time!

The 2015 Hot Spring Hot Tubs really do have so much “Cool Stuff” to add as accessories! Come into your local Pool World for more information during this limited time event!  For more information on other hot tubs, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs page. 


5 Reasons Why NOW is the Time! - March 17, 2015

Spring is just a few more days away and this year it seems as if it came very early!

During March, the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area is known for having snow on the ground and cold temperatures. These colder temperatures leave us feeling as if spring and summer is so far away and all the while we are ignoring our swimming pool.

Since this year has been warmer, there are a few things that all pool owners should beware of!

1.Warmer temperatures increase your chances of having algae growing in the swimming pool.

The warmer temperatures means that algae is more active then what it normally is and requires you to be checking on the chlorine levels frequently until the pool is opened. Checking the chlorine levels ensures that your swimming pool is still protected from becoming a green swamp!

2.Many people are cautious of when they open their swimming pool because of the operating expense.

But did you know that it’s more expensive to treat a green pool during late spring/early summer than it is to open your swimming pool a little earlier while it’s still clean and clear. During spring and early summer before the temperatures climb, you have the ability to limit the amount that the circulation system runs.

3.Spring brings about rain, sunshine, and blooming flowers. These beautiful buds will add color to our life while adding pollen into the air which settles into swimming pool.

As pollen collects in the stagnant water, it will consume more of the available chlorine in the cold water depleting the resources to prevent an algae bloom from occurring. If a swimming pool is open, and it’s sanitized the remnants will be circulated and collected in the filtration system.

4.When the temperatures increase or stay warmer longer, your chlorine is more active and has more of a demand; thus why a lot of pool owners find it’s easier to open their pools earlier with clean and clear water then it is to open late and have to address an algae bloom.

5.Make your backyard beautiful again! Since the swimming pool was closed, backyards always collect pine needles, leaves, pine cones and a whole lot of junk that just isn’t that appealing to look at. Right now is the perfect time to clean up the flower beds, garden and the area around the pool. The sooner your backyard area and pool decks are clear, and the pool is fully operational… the sooner you will be ready to enjoy your backyard when the sunshine is out. Your swimming pool will be ready for you to jump on in when the first hot day arrives!

These are only five of many reasons why not to wait to open your swimming pool. What are your reasons?!?

For other helpful tips, please visit our How-To Worksheets and Helpful Links.

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