Barbecue Sale this weekend! - December 02, 2014

We are super excited to be hosting a Barbecue Sale at our 23rd Annual Warehouse Clearance Sales!

If you are interested in speaking to a manufacture’s representative from Big Green Egg, they will be on hand to answer questions, provide amazing cooking tips and show off the latest and greatest eggessories!

Savings available on Big Green Egg, Traeger, Weber and Louisiana Grills will be ONLY available this Saturday December 6th from 9 till 5 at our Spokane Valley Store, 13524 E Sprague Ave!

This weekend is the perfect time to prepare for the holiday meals ahead of us! Pick out your ideal grill and have plenty of time to perfect your holiday feast. Imagine the flavor that could be infused into your Christmas Prime Rib, Ham or Pork Loin and it just makes your mouth starts to water!

Don’t miss our 23rd Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale! It’s our largest sale of the year with huge discounts on grills, hot tubs, saunas, and so much more!

Warehouse Clearance Sale Grand Door Prize - December 01, 2014

The ONE… The ONLY… The Big Green Egg is our grand door prize at our Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale! Isn’t it exciting!!! Here at Pool World, we are very passionate about products that we love, own and use on a daily basis and this product happens to be one of them!

The Big Green Egg has unlimited possibilities when it comes to cooking, smoking, grilling and baking. This grill is one of the most versatile barbecues on the market. If you haven’t seen one yet, please stop by one of our four store locations!
The Grilling option provides the perfect opportunity to sear the perfect steak, pork chops or burgers. Using the two dampers, you are able to accurately control the cooking temperature up to 750 degrees F.

Oh the Oven possibilities. Using a plate setter in the Big Green Egg has the ability to transform it into an indirect cooking oven. The ceramic structure of the egg allows it to retain heat while leaving every bite filled with moisture and flavor. You have to imagine casseroles, pizza, pies, cobblers, beef, poultry, lamb or even vegetables having more flavor and juice? It’s like nothing else you have ever tried before.

The Egg has been designed to be a Smoker as well. The insulating ceramic of the Big Green Egg makes it easy to maintain a low heat evenly while slowly cooking your food and allowing the wood smoke flavor to infuse your favorite food. As mentioned earlier, the dampers allow you to control temperature precisely to where you want it, even at low temperatures. Create succulent smoking results with ham, turkey, lamb, chicken or any other of your favorite pieces of meat! What will you try to smoke first?

At our 23rd Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale, A Large Big Green Egg with some awesome accessories will be given away as the GRAND DOOR PRIZE this Saturday December 6th at 13524 E Sprague Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA.


Warehouse Clearance Sale - November 26, 2014

It’s coming! It’s this next weekend!!

23rd Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale! Pool World waits all year long for this sale!

It is being held at the Valley Store that is located at 13524 E. Sprague Ave, between Shopko and Target on the South side of Sprague. The event will be going on from 9am till 5 pm!

Everything from Hot Spring, Caldera, Free Flow Hot Tubs, Tanning beds, Barbecues including the Big Green Egg and Weber to all the different water care products for swimming pools and hot tubs!
Make sure to stop by! Saturday, December 6th!

To find out specials, please visit our Winter Newswave Newsletter!

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