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 We have your portable home infrared sauna in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area!

Finnleo has created the perfect portable home infrared sauna. What is special about a Finnleo infrared sauna is that the EMR Low EF are the lowest and safest on the market. Finnleo has designed a heating system that will dispense an even heat throughout the portable home infrared sauna for your enjoyment. This means no cold spots! Finnleo has designed 13 different models and if one of those doesn’t work for you, design a custom unit for your home!



The original portable home infrared sauna series has been designed for a superior experience and performance while being created with quality craftsmanship and materials that cannot be compared to other infrared saunas.


Your portable home infrared sauna allows you to enjoy safe and comfortable sauna bathing while the environment is drier and at a lower temperature compared to a traditional steam sauna. There is nothing like it! Come into the closest location in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area and climb into a portable home infrared sauna.




Is the newest and updated, luxurious portable home infrared sauna! This one was created with the quality craftsmanship and material as the B-Series while including a modern design and enhanced upgraded features in every unit.



Why should you need a portable home infrared sauna, you ask? A portable home infrared sauna allows your body to relax, detoxify and relieves stress and pain while being time-friendly. An infrared sauna takes very little time to heat up which means you can enjoy a nice warm soak on your time. Oh and don’t worry about using the sauna too much, Finnleo has designed the portable infrared home sauna for daily use while being green friendly and using minimal electricity.

Pool World has your Finnleo portable home infrared sauna in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area! Come check out the variety of show room models!


Questions? Don't hesitate to contact Pool World today and speak with one of our sauna specialist.

1 (800) 876-4340 or (509) 928-6585



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