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 Traeger Wood Pellet Grills
  • Cook gourmet smoked foods in your own backyard!  Hardwook smoke penetrates the food, adding tremendous flavor.
  • Far safer than either gas or charcoal grills.  No gas leaks or smoldering briquettes to worry about.
  • Automatically lights the pellets every time you turn on the power switch and you're cooking in just minutes!
  •  Your pellet grill is four appliances in one. It smokes, barbecues, grills and bakes.
  • Cooking on a pellet grill adds zero fat, cholesterol, or calories to your food.
  • Exclusive, patented E-Z Grease Drain System transports grease drippings out of the cooking chamber into a galvanized catch bucket so there's less chance of frustrating flare-ups while you cook.

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